Monday, March 6, 2017

Bode - Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

Bode was such a little peanut and a dream to photograph! I was lucky enough to photograph his birth at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, so it was fun to see how much he change in that week after he was born. Sam is a Chinook helicopter for the Army and is stationed at Ft. Carson. He brought all his gear and so we were able to get some shots of Bode in his helmet. Such a sweet family! blog5Q4A4564 copy blog5Q4A4574 copy blog5Q4A4606 copy blog5Q4A4647 copy blog5Q4A4682 copy blog5Q4A4732 copy blog5Q4A4754 copy blog5Q4A4768 copy blog5Q4A4793 copy

Friday, February 24, 2017

Skylar - Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

Skylar was such a good and beautiful baby for her session. Her little features couldn't be more perfect. I have a bunch of canvases of this cute little sweetheart hanging up in my new studio! facebookWEBSIZE5Q4A3248 copy facebookWEBSIZE5Q4A3235 copy facebookWEBSIZE5Q4A3221 copy facebookWEBSIZE5Q4A3216 copy facebookwebsize5Q4A3185 copy facebookWEBSIZE5Q4A3122 copy facebookWEBSIZE5Q4A3068BW copy facebook5Q4A3230 copy

Kids Photo Shoot, Colorado Springs Photographer

Back in June I hiked up to a favorite spot in Colorado Springs with my four kiddos so I could get some updated pictures of them. I love the trees, fields and even a peak of Garden of The Gods in the background! With their mom being a photographer, my kids get a little sick of me taking pictures of them! They were good sports though and the weather was amazing for a photo shoot! 5Q4A9097 5Q4A9180 5Q4A9220 5Q4A9227 5Q4A9256 5Q4A9306 5Q4A9373 5Q4A9393 5Q4A9408 5Q4A9424 5Q4A9600 5Q4A9610 5Q4A9649 5Q4A9284 5Q4A9344 5Q4A9472 5Q4A9673-2 5Q4A9720-2